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Istanbul is where East meets West, where two continents collaborate in among the world’s most amazing cities. Due to its critical place, Istanbul has been a magnet for conquering armies down the centuries, and at every turn, residues of these civilizations can be found, from the elaborate churches and mosaic covered palaces left by the Byzantines to the Ottomans whose spectacular mosques create one of the most acknowledged horizons on the planet.
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Hagia Sophia, Istanbul.

Architectural diamonds include the Hagia Sophia with its abundant history and breathtaking charm, Topkapi Palace, well-known for its luxurious structures and mysterious hareems, in addition to the grand Suleymaniye Mosque. The big subterranean structure, the Basilica Cistern was integrated in 532 to deliver water to the Great Palace, and is one of the city’s most popular traveler attractions. For an opportunity to see a magnificent collection of artefacts dating from the 8th to the 19th century, go to the Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts. Within the neoclassic Dolmabahce Palace, visitors will find the National Palaces Painting Museum. Istanbul has multiple lively neighborhoods, from the elegant Nisantasi to the ringing Kadikoy.
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Topkapi Palace, Istanbul

The shores of the Bosphorus attract residents and visitors alike who being in outdoors cafes or visit the open waters on brightly lit ferryboats. These ferryboats likewise bring travelers between the European and Asian sides of the city in addition to the pedestrian-only Princes’ Islands with their grand estates. Istanbul is a shopper’s paradise, and the Grand Marketplace is the best location to start any shopping exhibit with over 5,000 shops peddling anything that enters your mind, while the Eminonu Egyptian Spice Bazaar has actually been a gastronomic go-to for city dwellers considering that 1664.
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Interior of Hagia Sophia, Istanbul.

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