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Ephesus Ancient City- Library of Celsus
Turkey has been a crossroads of civilisations as long as civilisations have existed, indicating you cannot visit the country without tripping over fantastic ancient ruins apparently everywhere you go. Ephesus is rightly acclaimed as one of the world’s terrific historical areas, with its vast (and preferred) group of excavated buildings dating back to its Roman prime time. Other similar areas add and down the Aegean coast with highlights like Pergamum running Ephesus a close second when it concerns well-preserved remains, while Troy though more well-known, requires a great deal of imagination to value its ruins.


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Evidence of Turkey’s long past and value in world history can be discovered at three amazing spots– Hattuşa, capital of the Hittite Empire; Çatalhöyük, a 9000-year old Neolithic settlement; and Göbekli Tepe, where archaeologists believe they have actually found the world’s oldest place of worship.
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